Book Giveaway Results and…NEW WEBSITE LAUNCH!

We have our five books for the giveaway! All the votes are double and triple tallied and I’m pleased to share we have a nice five-book spread across the different sub-genres published by Marcher Lord Press.

I’m guessing you want to know which books they are and how to win them? Well, today also marks the launch of my new author and editor website! In honor of this launch and because it’s more fun, I’m hosting the actual giveaway portion on my new website. In my mind, leaving this blog  and moving to my new one is akin to leaving Sparknotes behind and picking up the real book.

Please visit to enter the giveaway (finally!), to explore so many more tidbits behind my writing, and to re-subscribe to my blog if need be. Or, if you’re pressed on time and have three minutes to enter the giveaway, just go straight to the giveaway page (and explore later!)

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 8.17.03 PM


MLP 5-Book Giveaway – Step 1: Repin Your Books of Choice!

The fifth anniversary of my publisher, Marcher Lord Press, approaches. How am I going to celebrate? Why, with a five-book FREE giveaway, of course! But not just that, you get to pick which five books should be entered into the giveaway out of over 35 Marcher Lord Press options.

MLP Tattoo

The giveaway starts today and will end two weeks from now on October 1st, Marcher Lord Press’s five year anniversary. Here’s how it’s going to work:

  • Step 1: Starting September 18, a photo of each full-length speculative fiction book published by MLP will be posted on my Pinterest page. For 7 days, anyone can share, like, and repin these photos onto their own pages.
  • Step 2: The top five books with the most “repins” and “likes” combined will be the five books to enter the giveaway on September 25th.
  • Step 3: The giveaway will take place on my newly launched website where you will have over 10 opportunities to enter per day for the book/s of your choice.
  • Step 4: On October 1Marcher Lord Press’s birthday—five winners will be announced, five FREE books will be sent out, and five people will be the new owners of spectacular speculative fiction books!

Right now, we are in Step 1: the voting stage. Go to my Pinterest page and “repin” or “like” the book covers you would most like to see as the 5 free options. Please keep in mind I’ve split the list of books into two boards (books 1-24 and books 25-38. Be sure to look through them both before choosing your five!

For those who do not have Pinterest, you can also “like” the photo through my Facebook Pinterest account. Just hover over the book of your choice and the Facebook “Like” button should show up. Here is a screenshot example:

Screen shot 2013-09-18 at 1.38.57 PM

I’ve had a few reports of the Like button not showing up. After contacting the App management, they told me to just allow some time to pass before trying again. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Stay tuned via this website, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for the next step, which will be entering to win one or all of the five books! For now, here are the MLP books eligible for the giveaway. I’ve listed them by author (in no particular order.) Click on a picture to go to my Pinterest site and repin or like it!

Steve Rzasa

The Word Reclaimed (edited) The Word Unleashed (edited) Broken Sight (edited) Crosswind (edited) Sandstorm (edited)

Morgan L. Busse

Daughter of Light (edited) Son of Truth (edited)

Jill Williamson

By Darkness Hid (edited) To Darkness Fled (edited) From Darkness Won (edited) The New Recruit (edited) Project Gemini (edit)

Kathy Tyers

Annotated Firebird (edited) Wind and Shadow (edited) Daystar (edited)

Kerry Nietz

A Star Curiously Singing (edited 2) The Superlative Stream (edited) Freeheads (edited) Mask (edited) Amish Vampires in Space (edited)

Sharon Hinck

Restorer (edited) Restorer's Son (edited) The Restorer's Journey (edited) Vox Day A Throne of Bones (edited) Summa Elvetica (edited)

John W. Otte

Failstate (edited) Faistate - Legends (edited) Numb (edited)

Marc Schooley

Dark Man (edited)  Nightriders (edited) Konig's Fire (edited)

Stuart Vaughn Stockton

Starfire (edited)

Kirk Outerbridge

The Tenth Crusader (edited) Eternity Falls (edited)

John B. Olson & Randy Ingermanson

Oxygen (edited) The Fifth Man (edited)

Mitchell Bonds

Hero Second Class (edited) Hero in Hiding (edited)

Please don’t forget to share this giveaway with your friends, family, writing buddies, reading buddies, and anyone else who might be interested!

It’s Been 15 Years Since Harry Potter, and We Survived.

Every new generation seems to come with an explosion in the world of fiction. Three generations ago, Lord of the Rings  transformed people’s imaginations and started changing lives. A generation later, came Star Wars. Then my generation received Harry Potter. In all honesty, my life and imagination would not be what it is today if not for J. K. Rowling sharing hers.


Today is the 15th anniversary of the release of the first book in the Harry Potter Series, Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone. I’m sure many of us have our own Harry Potter stories of when we read which book, how it made us feel, which characters we loved most, or even why we steered clear of the books. I can’t brush over the controversy Harry Potter brought, especially to the Christian world. Yet I can’t help but notice fifteen years have passed and our world isn’t filled with witches or wizards, just like it’s not filled with hobbits, elves, fighter pilots, or wookies. Books affect us. They change us. But most often, our imagination erects a safe wall between itself and reality.

In celebration of the anniversary, Scholastic is releasing the Harry Potter books with brand new covers designed by Kazu Kibuishi. I think both sets are stunning and I’m trying to rein in my desire to own them solely for the sake of owning them.

Original US Covers by Mary GrandPre


New Covers by Kazu Kibuishi


J. K. Rowling is one of my most admired authors, mostly because of her personal story and her love of story. I admire her fight to continue writing after the huge success of Harry Potter, even if her new books aren’t something I enjoy. I admire the way she handles fame. Many people even say she rekindled a love for reading in children. I always had a love for reading, but I fully believe she instilled new love for imagination. And that’s irreplaceable.

God can use anything to change us for the better, even if it’s controversy-filled fantasy books. He can use anyone to change us, even if it’s a woman author I’ve never met and probably will never meet (though I desperately desire to someday.) Today I want to share so much more about what her writing did to me as a young reader. I want to share every magical situation I found myself in while reading and every moment I spent counting down the days until the next book. But a single blog post just isn’t enough. It will be shared someday, like all good stories should be, but today I want to hear about yours.

Is there a book series that specifically impacted your life?

How did Harry Potter affect your life?

Just for fun, what do you think of the new covers? Which cover is your favorite?

9 Perks to Being an Author

I consider myself an author. Some debate circulated the electronic writing world saying a person is only an author if he or she is published. That debate’s not worth a single rotten peanut.

Before I was contracted, I decided–after much self-debate–to call myself an author. None of this, “I’m just a writer” business or “I’m an aspiring writer”. No. I’ve written a book. That makes me an author.

Oxford American Dictionary defines “author” as: “The writer of a book, article, or report.”

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary puts it this way: “One that originates or creates” or “The writer of a literary work (as a book).” 

Thus, finally accepting that I am allowed to call myself author, I had an epiphany regarding what I can label as “part of my job”.

  1. WritingSitting down to weave my imagination into coherent words is not only allowed and fun, but is also the main part of my job.
  2. Reading: Reading books–any books: speculative fiction, any other fiction, non-fiction–is market research, of course, so it’s part of my job (and dressing in corresponding costumes is encouraged.)
  3. DecoratingDecorating my writing room with birdhouses, plants, quotes, pictures, and whatever I deem “inspirational” helps with my productivity and imagination; therefore, it is also part of my job.
  4. Comfort: Being comfortable on the other side of my computer, whether that means in pajamas or my favorite summer dress, is part of my job.
  5. Delicious Snacks and Drinks: Searching the world for the perfect chai latte recipe, is crucial to my productivity and also part of my job.
  6. Delight for the Ears: Discovering music that makes my soul take control of my hand and pen is key to my pre-writing workout…and part of my job.
  7. Socializing with Others Like Myself: Meeting other authors, editors, readers, and lovers of all things literary is not only networking, but part of my job.
  8. Logophilia: Reading and drooling over new words may seem strange to others, but it’s part of my job.
  9. Uniqueness: Being eccentric, whimsical, passionate, and often misunderstood is expected of me and part of my job.


I’m truly blessed to call this “work”, but to me it never feels like work. It always feels like joy and I love sharing what makes me joyful. Therefore, over the next few weeks I’ve concocted some posts that will share my 9 perks of being an author with you. Stay tuned! But while you’re here, why not share a few of your favorite perks, whether you’re an author/writer, artist, business man/woman, etc.

What are perks to your job or your dream job that you love?

Books Turned into Movies–Love Them? Or Hate them?

Today is actress Jennifer Lawrence’s birthday. The only reason I know this is because she played Katniss Everdeen in the movie The Hunger Games–one of my favorite dystopian books–and the Facebook fan page told me. I’m not this way with every actor who plays a book character, which caused me to dwell on books-turned-movies.


How do you feel about your favorite books turned into movies. Harry Potter? Narnia? The Hunger Games? The upcoming Divergent? Despite the quality of production and skill behind actors, the movies will inevitably be different than the reader’s imagination.

I used to avoid watching the movies of my favorite books, but after a while I realized, as long as I held on to my own imagination when reading the books, a movie was like a continuation–a bonus feature, so to speak–of something I already loved.

I have several favorites: the last three Harry Potter movies (Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows 1 & 2), How to Train Your Dragon (despite the enormous differences between book and movie), Lord of the Rings, and the first Hobbit movie are a few.

Do you believe a book made into a movie stifles the imagination or liberates it? Or neither?

What is your favorite book turned into a movie? What is your least favorite?