Perk 3 to Being an Author: DECORATING

The third perk I listed in the 9 Perks to Being an Author was DECORATING: “Decorating my writing room with birdhouses, plants, quotes, pictures, and whatever I deem “inspirational” helps with my productivity and imagination; therefore, it is also part of my job.”

I find most inspiration through visuals. Experiential visuals are preferred—traipsing through a new country, hiking in the mountains, people-watching, etc.—but when I can’t do these things, I draw from pictures, ideas, concepts, and creativity. Basically, that means I go to Pinterest.

So, to share some of my “decorating” inspiration, I thought I’d share a few favorite pictures from my Pinterest board:


Though this isn’t a picture of my own lightbulbs, I currently grow ivy out of an emptied lightbulb and a lovely vine out of another.


Photo manipulation by Erik Johansson


Even though it involves defacing a page from a book, I think this type of art is beautiful.

Photo by Janez Tolar

Just the colors inspire me to decorate with unique lighting! (Photo by Janez Tolar)

bottle for candle 082

Can you tell I enjoy the idea of decorating with book pages?


Although I don’t have a forest by my house, I am in the process of decorating a corner of my writing room with paper birdhouses.

Okay, now it’s your turn. What do you draw from for inspiration or decorating? Which of these ideas/pictures is your favorite? Do you have your own idea to share?

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2 thoughts on “Perk 3 to Being an Author: DECORATING

  1. I like the photo by Erik Johansson. I also agree that art looks cool on book pages but it hurts my heart to deface them. I really like the ones where certain words are circled and everything is blacked out. It completly changes to meaning of the page.

    • I have a few books that are already falling apart (like my first Harry Potter book) of which I already have a new copy. It’s practically unreadable (may be missing the first chapter), so that’s a book I might use, or a book I don’t like and don’t want to lend out. Still, it hurts my heart a little, too. I’ve never seen the circled words art you mentioned. That certainly might be something I need to look into. I would love to decorate with that!

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