9 Perks to Being an Author

I consider myself an author. Some debate circulated the electronic writing world saying a person is only an author if he or she is published. That debate’s not worth a single rotten peanut.

Before I was contracted, I decided–after much self-debate–to call myself an author. None of this, “I’m just a writer” business or “I’m an aspiring writer”. No. I’ve written a book. That makes me an author.

Oxford American Dictionary defines “author” as: “The writer of a book, article, or report.”

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary puts it this way: “One that originates or creates” or “The writer of a literary work (as a book).” 

Thus, finally accepting that I am allowed to call myself author, I had an epiphany regarding what I can label as “part of my job”.

  1. WritingSitting down to weave my imagination into coherent words is not only allowed and fun, but is also the main part of my job.
  2. Reading: Reading books–any books: speculative fiction, any other fiction, non-fiction–is market research, of course, so it’s part of my job (and dressing in corresponding costumes is encouraged.)
  3. DecoratingDecorating my writing room with birdhouses, plants, quotes, pictures, and whatever I deem “inspirational” helps with my productivity and imagination; therefore, it is also part of my job.
  4. Comfort: Being comfortable on the other side of my computer, whether that means in pajamas or my favorite summer dress, is part of my job.
  5. Delicious Snacks and Drinks: Searching the world for the perfect chai latte recipe, is crucial to my productivity and also part of my job.
  6. Delight for the Ears: Discovering music that makes my soul take control of my hand and pen is key to my pre-writing workout…and part of my job.
  7. Socializing with Others Like Myself: Meeting other authors, editors, readers, and lovers of all things literary is not only networking, but part of my job.
  8. Logophilia: Reading and drooling over new words may seem strange to others, but it’s part of my job.
  9. Uniqueness: Being eccentric, whimsical, passionate, and often misunderstood is expected of me and part of my job.


I’m truly blessed to call this “work”, but to me it never feels like work. It always feels like joy and I love sharing what makes me joyful. Therefore, over the next few weeks I’ve concocted some posts that will share my 9 perks of being an author with you. Stay tuned! But while you’re here, why not share a few of your favorite perks, whether you’re an author/writer, artist, business man/woman, etc.

What are perks to your job or your dream job that you love?


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