A New Marcher Lord

I created this website and Brandes Editorial with plans to convert it into my author website should the day ever come when I received an offer for a publishing contract. Well, dear readers and writers, the day has arrived (with blaring trumpets, dancing on the streets, and a glorious soundtrack, of course.)

I officially signed a book publishing deal with Marcher Lord Press (publisher and founder, Jeff Gerke) for my Christian dystopian series.


The official signing of the contract (yes, I photo-documented it)

Marcher Lord Press (MLP) is the premier publisher of Christian speculative fiction and I’m ecstatic to join the ranks of some of my literary luminaries at MLP including Jill Williamson, Morgan Busse, Steve Rzasa, Kerry Nietz, John W. Otte, Vox Day and many others. It is truly an honor to enter the vision behind MLP and a testament of God’s overwhelming involvement and love.


The first book in my series is  titled, A Time to Die. To whet your appetite for the book blurb that will come soon, here is a question for you:

How would you live if you knew the day you’d die?

Please answer or share your thoughts in the comments section. This is essentially a cornerstone theme in A Time to Die. More information shall come soon. For now, I am completing edits on the manuscript. Stay posted and please help me share the news!

Anticipated Questions:

How can I stay tuned for updates?

Why, by clicking the little “Follow” button in the top left corner of this page AND (if you’re really ambitious or just have a different preference) you can follow my Facebook page by clicking “Like” or by going here (and still clicking “like”).

What does this mean for Brandes Editorial?

I will still be offering editing services, however, I may be limiting my client intake. You may always inquire as to my editing schedule and openings through my Contact page. Aside from that, nothing should change for now. My desire is still to help educate fellow writers and to join them on their journey through writing toward publication.

What does this mean for the Brandes Editorial Facebook page?

The page is still active, but it will also be changed into the Nadine Brandes (author) page. Editing services will always be available, but more announcements will now grace the pages of Facebook. To follow, click here and then click the ‘Like’ button!

If you have any other questions, please leave a comment or contact me and I’d be happy to answer as best I can.


6 thoughts on “A New Marcher Lord

  1. After being bedridden with serious liver problems in a foreign hospital for 3 weeks, I’ve started to give this whole death thing more serious thought. I’m only 24, and most people my age aren’t thinking about the possibility of dying. Not to say that I am expecting to die soon, but it’s more of a possibility. I feel much more grounded and humbled by my more recognized mortality. To be less morbid, God has used this in my thought life to start re-examining how I live day-to-day. Do I act more impulsively? Do I have self control (a fruit of the Spirit)? Am I selfish with my time and resources? Do I live each day with a sense of purpose greater than my own personal gain? All tough questions that lend to not so flattering answers, but necessary for growth.

    Looking forward to reading your first book, Nadine! I know you’ve worked very hard, spending many hours at Java Junction, to perfect it.

    • Jordan,
      Wow, you are certainly in my prayers. I had no idea God was taking you through such a trial. It’s true, most people our age don’t think about the possibility of dying. That’s actually what spurred on this book–the sudden death of an acquaintance who was my own age. I was suddenly made more aware of our mortality and I started questioning my own choices in life and the purposes behind them. Those are hard questions to ask oneself and I pray you are blessed as I was (and still am) through the search and growth. God has some big plans for you in the future. Thank you for the congratulations. 🙂 Yes, Java provided some much needed solace and inspiration. I already miss it.

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