Colorado Christian Writer’s Conference

This week, I have the privilege to attend the Colorado Christian Writer’s Conference in Estes Park, CO. I’ve attended four times and each year left me with a renewed determination to better my writing. I once thought attending the same conference could only take my skills so far, but God creates new growth in each fresh experience.

Estes Park, CO

Estes Park, CO

Writing conferences can be daunting the first time you attend them. It’s the moment a writer tends to realize how much there really is to writing a book. I left my first year overwhelmed and discouraged, but after allowing my disheartened spirit to rest a few weeks, I dove back into my jumbled words to mine out the beautiful ones.

These next few days, I’ll attend an Intensive Fiction Clinic to help me not only hone my writing, but deepen my editing skills. Already, after the first day, I’m stunned by how complex editing (and, consequently, writing) can be. This being said, personal e-mails to will not be answered until May 20th. No new projects will be started until this date. Lord willing, I will return with crisp vigor and even more insight into how to help your (and my!) writing grow.

How about you? Have you attended a writer’s conference before? If so, which one? How did you feel after your first time?


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3 thoughts on “Colorado Christian Writer’s Conference

    • Oh, that would have been wonderful to meet! The conference was excellent and I added quite a lot to my writing and editing toolbox. I hope you enjoyed it as well and left with a new level of knowledge. No matter how many times I go I always leave with something new.

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