Chana Keefer’s New Release, One Night With a Rock Star


Congratulations to Chana Keefer for her newest release, One Night With a Rock StarI was blessed to edit her work and witness firsthand her skill with a pen (er…keyboard).

God has graced Chana with insight into real emotions and fearless daydreaming. She’s a passionate writer with a vision. I’m honored to have been a part of this process.

Entering the eyes of the main character, Esther, readers see God work through His children who are in the world, but not of the world. At times, I felt like I read about myself in my earlier college years (although I never met a rock star). The main character is easy to relate to, connect with, and cheer for.



Good, Country-bred girl meets the Rock Star of her dreams and worlds collide.

For Esther Collins, struggling journalism student and mediocre print model, international singing star Sky has been the ultimate male since she sported frizzy hair, braces, and too-skinny legs. She has dreamed of meeting this icon countless times, but life has a way of happening when you least expect it…and of coming in hues that don’t fit so easily into simple black and white. 

Will Esther’s deep roots in family and God keep her feet on the ground when a tornado named Sky blows her world apart?

The story of Good Christian Girl meets Bad-Boy Rockstar defied the risks of being cliche. Keefer’s plot is fresh and well-delivered. I loved both Esther and Sky, not just for their humor and wit, but because they were both likable and human. Often times, I couldn’t put the book down (a grateful plus for an editor).

Spiritual themes are thick throughout the book without being preachy. Esther’s relationship with God is real and imperfect. The lessons delivered through her story stuck with me far past my editing hours. I left the story with the reminder God works through all talents and accepts all areas of service.

Again, congratulations to Chana Keefer. She should be very proud. I know I am. Visit her Amazon page to get the Kindle version of One Night With a Rock Star for only $0.99.


One thought on “Chana Keefer’s New Release, One Night With a Rock Star

  1. Thank you so much, Nadine, both for your excellent editing skills and for your encouragement. I love to hear that an editor who should be sick & tired of reading couldn’t stop reading my book. An author’s dream :D.
    Hugs and blessings,


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