Launch Week: Three Days and Counting!

Launch Week is officially three days away!

My vision in freelance editing is to provide an affordable stepping-stone between critique-group editing and top-professional editing. Christian writing has changed my life so much, I want to encourage and assist new Christian writers in perfecting their hard work.

My vision in Launch Week is to create a win-win situation for both writer and editor. God has allowed my husband and me to enter a period of financial strain. Our faith is deepening as we hold to His promise of provision. He’s used this time to push me into following my deep-placed passion for editing.

During Launch Week, I am offering a special Launch Price for full-manuscript edits:

  • $150 flat fee for 80,000 words or less.
  • $200 flat fee for 80,001 – 120,000 words
  • If your novel is longer than 120,000 words, e-mail me and we’ll figure something out!

Please spread the word so the most people can benefit from this. Also, prayers are greatly appreciated for my husband and me. We know God will ultimately provide, but we also know the unity of His people through prayer is priceless.


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